Offering the Franchise in India & Abroad: PANMED Laser Cure Clinics!

Dr. Prakash Katariya, a Pioneer in the field of Laser Medicine in India, initiated the Laser Cure Clinics in the year 1999. He has clinical experience of more than 48 years and experience in laser medicine for more than 23 years. With an impressive track record of operating over 11 Laser Cure clinics in Mumbai and Pune, his expertise and experience has paved the way for our latest venture. Now, in 2023, we proudly present franchise opportunities under our new brand, Eastern Healers™ PANMED™ Laser Cure Clinic.
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Franchise offered to all registered medical practitioners of Modern Medicine, Ayurveda & Homoeopathy, graduate nurses, qualified physiotherapists, certified beauticians & investors, or entrepreneurs. (Please note that Laser Medicine is not Allopathic, it is a branch of photo-biology.)
Understand why Eastern Healers™ PANMED™ Laser Cure Clinic has earned the trust of countless patients to date. PANMED treatment is a novel harmonious fusion of multiple medical disciplines, mainly focused on the power of the Laser beam. Designed by Dr. Prakash Katariya, a true Pioneer in Laser Medicine in India, he has gathered international recognition for his groundbreaking research and revolutionary treatment therapies.

USP Eastern Healers™ PANMED™ Laser Cure Clinic:

  • PIONEER of Laser Medicine in India & Indian Subcontinent
  • We offer non-surgical, viable & safer options for AVOIDING various major & minor SURGERIES.
  • We CURE (or at least treat better) INCURABLE & CHRONIC diseases
  • We cater to Healthy Individuals, for preventing diseases& enhancing health
  • We Deliver QUICK RESULTS (say within 7 to 21 days in most cases )
  • We utilize innovative combination therapy, of various streams of Medicine, viz: PANMED
  • External, safe, OPD, Painless & very effective treatment with least or no drugs
  • Clinical experience of more than 48 years


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Eastern Healers has three formats for franchising:

  • Eastern Healers™ Laser Cure Center
  • Eastern Healers™ Laser Beauty Center
  • Eastern Healers™ Laser Physio-Therapy Center

Looking Expansion in Areas: PAN INDIA

eastern healers partners
  • Franchise Model: FOFO
  • Area Required: 500 to 1500 sq ft
  • Area for Expansion: PAN India
  • Min. Investment: INR 10 Lacs & Above
  • Franchisee Fee: Applicable
  • Royalty: Applicable
  • Training Fee: FREE