I had a heart attack and was admitted to the ICU. A family friend Dr Pranave recommended Laser Medicine PANMED therapy by Dr. Prakash Katariya in Pune. I tried the treatment and saw positive results within a week. The best part of the treatment is No medication, hospitalization, or surgery was needed. Thanks to Dr. Katariya's innovative therapy, I am now perfectly healthy. Completely satisfied with the Treatment & level of service of staff.

Mrs. Suvarna S Pandit | 52 Years Acute MI (Heart Attack)

Despite undergoing multiple medical tests and treatments, my recovery was not successful due to my autoimmune disease. However, as a last hope, I decided to try PANMED Laser Medicine treatment at Dr. Katariya's clinic. To my delight, after the treatment, I can now walk comfortably, my foot drop has reduced, and I can stand independently. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Katariya for providing such a wonderful treatment.

Mrs. Tejal Jogdand | 32 Years Multiple Sclerosis

The OPD treatment at Dr. Katariya's clinic was fantastic. In a short period of time, my pain has decreased by 90% and stiffness has reduced by 50%. I am diligently following the recommended diet and exercise as part of the PANMED therapy. I highly recommend PANMED Laser Medicine Therapy at Dr. Katariya's Clinic for anyone dealing with spine and joint-related problems.

Mrs. Rashmi T Apte | 46 Years Multiple Sclerosis

I was experiencing intense knee pain and had difficulty walking. However, after undergoing just 18 sessions of Laser Light treatment at Dr. Katariya's clinic, I am already feeling much better. I can now walk more comfortably and experience improved mobility in my joints.

Ms. Jayshree V Inamdar | 72 Years Osteoarthritis, Knee Joint

I have seen significant improvement in my stomach pain and constipation, with a reduction of up to 50% after just 15 treatment sessions. Additionally, I have noticed visible results in reducing tremors in my hands, arms, and legs. I am impressed with the outcomes so far and have decided to continue the PANMED Laser Medicine Therapy at Dr. Katariya's Clinic.

Mr. Sharang Pandit | 54 Years Parkinson’s