Quickly Enanhance Beauty Just by Beam of Light,
without use of chemicals & drugs causing seavier birth defects.

PYANMED offers a safer, faster, and more effective option for addressing various beauty problems. Our approach involves a unique combination therapy that utilizes Laser Therapy, Herbs, and Naturopathy to deliver optimal results within a given time frame. Unlike many dermatologists, we do not rely on dangerous teratogenic drugs like Isotretinoin or use steroids and chemicals in our treatments. With PYANMED, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients, while helping them achieve their beauty goals.

InstaBeauty: Bride & Groom

For Bride & Groom: Laser Therapy with PANMED is safest & fastest way to enhance beauty. Even package of two weeks will substantially uplift the look. Following all needed eleven treatments can be delivered, if needed .

scar removal panmend laser cure

Instant Removal of : Scars Corns, Skin Tags, Moles , Warts etc

Instant removal or reduction without cut, without stitch, is probable by Laser Therapy.

quick hair regrowth panmed laser

Quick Hair Growth

Laser Crown along with PANMED , can grow your hair and add life to it as well.

panmed acne pimple laser cure

Pimples: permanent reduction of acne

Laser Therapy can deliver results within two weeks. We do not use "isotretinoin" because serious side effect is" baby will be borne with abnormalities, like 3 arms or 3 legs etc.

permanent hair removal panmed

NO Hairs: Permanent Reduction of Unwanted Hairs

We also correct hormones while treating this problem with lasers. You can design bikini line or beard line too.

tattoo removal panmed

Tattoo & Birth mark: instant removal

Instant reduction/removal by lasers is possible.

skin glow panmed

Glow Skin: Remove Pigmentation, Dark Circles

All these can be easily treated with safety & speed by use of lasers, along with PANMED

wrinkle-free-panmed laser

Wrinkles Free : Instant reduction

Wrinkles Free: Instant reduction: wrinkles can be removed quickly by lasers along with PANMED.

obesity panmed laser

Obesity: Insulin Resistance

Lasers & PANMED are far better on these problems.

breast beauty panmed laser

Breast Beauty : Sculpting , Enhancement

Sculpting, Enhancement Lasers & PANMED deliver better results on these problems.

white patches

White Patches : Vitiligo

Autoimmune Vitiligo (white patches) can be treated well by Lasers & PANMED.

instant lip enhancement panmed

Lips: Regain natural pink , Instant lip enhancement

Regain natural pink, Instant lip enhancement: Regain natural colour of your lips by using Lasers & PANMED.