We are the pioneers of Laser Medicine in India and the Indian Subcontinent. Our non-surgical approach offers safe and viable alternatives to various major and minor surgeries. We specialize in curing or significantly improving incurable and chronic diseases. Our treatments cater to healthy individuals seeking disease prevention and enhanced overall health. With quick results typically within 7 to 21 days, we utilize an innovative combination therapy called PANMED, which is external, safe, painless, and highly effective with minimal or no drug usage.

  •  Immunobiomodulation
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Bio stimulation and bio suppression
  • Neo-angiogenesis
  • Increased microcirculation
  • Activation of mitochondria and cellular respiration
  • Enhanced cellular repair
  • Increased synthesis of protein RNA and DNA
  • Enhanced enzymatic activities, and more.
Surgical lasers have high power in watts, while medical lasers have low power in mili watts. Surgical lasers are used for burning, ablating, coagulating, cutting, or vaporizing, while medical lasers cannot. Surgical lasers are primarily tools used in surgery, whereas medical lasers are utilized in the science of laser medicine, where factors such as color, power, target location, and desired effects are considered. Laser therapy clinics predominantly use medical lasers.
Our PANMED treatment, which includes Laser Therapy, has proven advantages in various conditions, including blockages in any blood vessel, elephantiasis, brain atrophy, diabetic neuropathy, complications of diabetes, fatty liver, tinnitus, inadequate hearing, dizziness/vertigo, root canal, deviated nasal septum (DNS), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), piles, fistula, spondylosis, spondylitis, sciatica, frozen shoulder, calcaneal spur, valvular heart disease, congestive heart failure (CCF), allergies, asthma, rheumatic pains, polycystic ovary, menopause, glaucoma, optic nerve atrophy, chronic hyperacidity, neuralgias, herpes zoster, coital disorders, absence of libido, thrombocytopenia, chronic dacryocystitis, arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid), chronic osteomyelitis, avascular necrosis, complications of COVID-19, and more.
At expert hands, the risks and side effects of Laser Therapy are almost nil or very minimal. It is generally avoided when the patient is bleeding or in acute hemorrhagic conditions. Direct radiation on the uterus should be avoided during pregnancy.
Laser Medicine is practiced in many developed countries and a few developing countries, including Russia and former USSR countries with over 50,000 allopathic doctors, Scandinavia, Europe, the USA (with some FDA-approved laser therapies), China, Australia, New Zealand, and more recently, India since 1998 by Dr. Prakash Katariya.
Laser Therapy precisely targets the desired tissues or organs while sparing all other non-target tissues and organs of the body, making it highly effective with minimal side effects.
Laser Medicine relies on the principles of physics, which is a more exact science than biology. This results in better absorption in the target organ and predictable outcomes compared to Modern Medicine, which relies on bio-absorption.
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