Why Choose Eastern Healers?

PANMED is an effective &novel combination of multiple streams of medicine based upon the philosophy of “AnekaantVaad”. PANMED utilizes scientific advances along with ancient wisdom for curing so called incurable diseases, for avoiding various surgeries.  Therefore innovative PANMED combines most ultramodern science of Laser Medicine on one hand, while ancient & functional medicine on the other hand, e.g. Naturopathy, Massage, Yoga etc. Our clinics design personalized medical treatment for each patient, with minimum (or NIL) drugs from modern medicine, so that our patients can experience“Amazing world beyond modern medicine”

Join us on a journey of healing and discover the transformative power of PANMED – the preferred choice of Eastern Healers

Amazing World Beyond Modern Medicine
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Meet Dr Prakash Katariya

Pioneer in Light Medicine

Dr. Katariya has authored numerous articles on laser medicine for various publications, and he has also written the first Indian book on laser medicine, “PANMED– Novel Ray of Hope,” which encompasses practicing laser medicine.


Patients who avoided surgery using PANMED program

Mrs. Suvarna S Pandit | 52 Years Acute MI (Heart Attack)

I had a heart attack and was admitted to the ICU. A family friend Dr Pranave recommended Laser Medicine PANMED therapy by Dr. Prakash Katariya in Pune. I tried the treatment and saw positive results within a week. The best part of the treatment is No medication, hospitalization, or surgery was needed. Thanks to Dr. Katariya's innovative therapy, I am now perfectly healthy. Completely satisfied with the Treatment & level of service of staff.

Mrs. Tejal Jogdand | 32 Years Multiple Sclerosis

Despite undergoing multiple medical tests and treatments, my recovery was not successful due to my autoimmune disease. However, as a last hope, I decided to try PANMED Laser Medicine treatment at Dr. Katariya's clinic. To my delight, after the treatment, I can now walk comfortably, my foot drop has reduced, and I can stand independently. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Katariya for providing such a wonderful treatment.

Mrs. Rashmi T Apte | 46 Years Multiple Sclerosis

The OPD treatment at Dr. Katariya's clinic was fantastic. In a short period of time, my pain has decreased by 90% and stiffness has reduced by 50%. I am diligently following the recommended diet and exercise as part of the PANMED therapy. I highly recommend PANMED Laser Medicine Therapy at Dr. Katariya's Clinic for anyone dealing with spine and joint-related problems.

Ms. Jayshree V Inamdar | 72 Years Osteoarthritis, Knee Joint

I was experiencing intense knee pain and had difficulty walking. However, after undergoing just 18 sessions of Laser Light treatment at Dr. Katariya's clinic, I am already feeling much better. I can now walk more comfortably and experience improved mobility in my joints.

Mr. Sharang Pandit | 54 Years Parkinson’s

I have seen significant improvement in my stomach pain and constipation, with a reduction of up to 50% after just 15 treatment sessions. Additionally, I have noticed visible results in reducing tremors in my hands, arms, and legs. I am impressed with the outcomes so far and have decided to continue the PANMED Laser Medicine Therapy at Dr. Katariya's Clinic.


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